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Pink Panda

This country time pink lemonade will remind you of the good ol’ days when everything was easy. Oh, and it tastes pretty damn good too.


This stands for Blue Mountain Freeze. And that’s what this flavor tastes like…minus the freeze. Think of the awesome and exclusive Taco Bell blue soda that everybody loves.

King's 11

Lemon-lime soda with a hint of cherry and lime

Coffee Cake

A delicious Cinnamon Cake dessert flavor that doesn’t go over the top.


Where new flavors train to become all-day vapes. This magically delicious blend of everyone's favorite breakfast cereal, mini marshmallows and sweet milk will rekindle your favorite childhood memories of rainbows, leprechauns...


The war cry of all fruit menthol enthusiasts. On initial inhale, a mouthwatering array of fresh strawberries, peacherine and tropical undertones will conquer your taste buds, preparing them for the cool,...


A sweet, refreshing red starburst candy, the best watermelon candy flavor we have ever vaped… Period.

Cinnamon Raisin

Authentic New York Cinnamon Raisin Bagel e Liquid. This sweet and toasted bagel provides a full bodied vape flavor that is guaranteed to taste fresh out of the oven, all day...


Get swept away by a tidal wave of flavor! On initial inhale, the tantalizing mixture of citrus punch and Baja berries splash against your taste buds. Subtle, smooth undertones of tropical...

Mt. Fuji

Are you ready to scale this mountain of incredible flavor? Our delectable blend of baked Fuji apple slices with sea salted caramel comes topped with crumb cake crumbles, powdered sugar and...

Dojo - Vanilla

Creamy Bourbon Vanilla and Ronin's Flagship Flavor Dojo, need we say more?

Emperor's Krunch

As lord of the breakfast flavors, Emperor's Krunch has no equal. This scrumptious blend of cereal milk together with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries will force your taste buds into submission and...