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The Architect

A creamy, yet sweet homemade Rice Pudding covered in a thin layer of Cinnamon Sugar.

New York, New York

A rich, creamy vanilla yogurt parfait with a crunchy granola topping. You'll swear you're taking a stroll down 5th avenue.


Where new flavors train to become all-day vapes. This magically delicious blend of everyone's favorite breakfast cereal, mini marshmallows and sweet milk will rekindle your favorite childhood memories of rainbows, leprechauns...


Green tea and strawberry flavored ice cream, wrapped in a delicious chocolate shell.

The Jester

A Fresh Oatmeal Cream Pie infused with a hint of Cranberry.

Strawberry Banana

This powerful take on a classic combo gives strawberry and banana new life in an electric new e-liquid flavor.


An impeccable root beer float poured over two scoops of rich vanilla ice cream.


Fresh cinnamon bun topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with layers of caramel.

The Scholar

A decadent cranberry and raspberry flavor mixed with delicious coconut and a very small hint of lime.


A sun kissed orange soda float poured over two scoops of rich vanilla ice cream.


A mouth-watering cherry cola float poured over two scoops of rich vanilla ice cream.

Mt. Fuji

Are you ready to scale this mountain of incredible flavor? Our delectable blend of baked Fuji apple slices with sea salted caramel comes topped with crumb cake crumbles, powdered sugar and...