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The Aristocrat

A satisfying and thirst-quenching Lemonade mixed with candied Peaches and fresh Blueberries.

Pomegranate Blueberry

A fierce blend of pomegranate and blueberry create a dynamic new e-liquid flavor.


The war cry of all fruit menthol enthusiasts. On initial inhale, a mouthwatering array of fresh strawberries, peacherine and tropical undertones will conquer your taste buds, preparing them for the cool,...

Raspberry Lime

Raspberry and lime collide to form your new favorite e-liquid!


Green tea and strawberry flavored ice cream, wrapped in a delicious chocolate shell.

The Jester

A Fresh Oatmeal Cream Pie infused with a hint of Cranberry.

Strawberry Banana

This powerful take on a classic combo gives strawberry and banana new life in an electric new e-liquid flavor.

Summerville Squeeze

Strawberry mango sweet tea

Strawberry Goodness

NOT-TOO-SWEET all day strawberry vape!


A mouth-watering blend of sweet pear and freshly picked wild berries.

Dojo - Strawberry

Ronin's Flagship Flavor Dojo, reinvented with a splash of fresh, vine ripened strawberries.


Get swept away by a tidal wave of flavor! On initial inhale, the tantalizing mixture of citrus punch and Baja berries splash against your taste buds. Subtle, smooth undertones of tropical...